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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

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About Holistequine


                                                          ruby                                                                                                                                                             Holistequine evolved during my own personal growth journey while being around horses. The knowledge gained was then incorporated into personal life coaching programs to help others. It is a chronicle of how a love of animals led to a search for a more profound meaning to life ..........a search for a deeper understanding of life in order to establish a closer bond between the species. It also involved years of study and understanding "science" because I knew that it was only by understanding the physical world that I could accept the Metaphysical world and see how they both came together. It was only by satisfying my left logical mind that I could trust enough to set in motion the big picture vision within my right creative mind

My experience with horses came after many years of owning my own horses and recognising the horse's qualities of strength, determination and pure will. Qualities which would not only impacted on me as a person but I would go on to see how these qualities would positively changed my place in the world and improve my relationship with everything and everyone around me. It is based on the concept (of vibrational medicine) that implies that as we raise our own frequency to the level of unconditional love we mirror this out to the world, raising global consciousness.

Back in the early nineties (when we were in the process of formulating this new method with horses) there were only about six other people (in the USA) doing similar work and it was called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Now it has diversified under many banners ,i.e. Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Assisted Life Coaching each version as diverse as the people conducting the work.

However what I realised after many years as a practitioner is that our own personal journey must be our main priority, that WE HAVE TO BE SELFISH TO BECOME SELFLESS...........that as spiritual energy in human form WE come first and as we begin to recognise everything around AS TOOLS on this path we then are given the answers. We no longer see life's "mirrors" as separate....we step through the looking glass and become ONE

 Holistequine is unique in that our research has been based on an understanding of energy medicine, focusing on raising our own frequency FIRST with the philosophy that when WE change everything around us changes. This led us to develop a system called Whole Body Intelligence with an understanding of how energetic biofeedback from the animals can positively influence human life. With this information we have put into place many programs for personal growth and well being. It involves a symbiotic energy exchange between the horses and clients that can have significant impact on personal, social and spiritual development and well being within that person's "whole" energy body.

This information is now available in a variety of Equine Assisted Therapy personal sessions, intensives, workshops and on line horse courses.

We have also now included ALL OF LIFE COACHING programs which involve assessments, exercises and higher knowledge enabling the client to tap into their own inner wisdom to guide them on the path to ONENESS

As we evolve more into a new millennium we are increasingly being influenced by a different energy, the more sensitive "feminine energy" of the 2.... which merges with the older "masculine" energy ideally to create a balance and ONENESS

However this "feminine energy" does not relate just to women but rather it is seen as the feminine PRINCIPAL; the more delicate intuitive energy within both males and females. It does not replace but rather balances and compliments the masculine energy that has influenced the past era.

This merging of the "2" energy requires us to see how we share our energy fields with every living being and how if we open the appropriate channels we can connect and move into a feeling of "oneness" and recapturing a feeling of living in the moment we had as children.

When we collectively achieve this "oneness" there will be no more conflict or wars because there will be no more separation of ideals.

Spiritual evolution into Oneness will see us rise above the dogma of religion into a new re-alignment of community, co-operation and collective Spirit of........ we are all ONE.

The way to achieve this state is by taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in our lives and we do this by understanding the significance of our own dual nature, and using the "mirrors" of "separation" which are all around us


To achieve harmony in our lives we need to open our feeling centre, which is the intuitive channel; the channel that facilitates our higher mission, and guides us to find our purpose or our passion in life.



The Holistequine horses have led the way to show us how to open these channels.

The Holistequine concept started 20 years ago and was created through a deep love and respect for all animals, but especially, it opened a connection with horses that show how they relate to humans in a Spiritual sense.

The desire came from a need to know more about how our own lives interconnect with our domesticated pets and horses. Over time we began to realise that as we learnt more about the animals around us we learnt more about ourselves.

As a practitioner of Natural Therapies I witnessed the close relationship of my animal patients with their owners, often the animal taking on the symptoms of their carer. There was obviously something very special happening in the cases I attended. I wanted to know more about how the spiritual, emotional mental and the physical connection between the species was interwoven through our energy fields. The Native American concept that every animal has a quality that we can emulate and integrate into our own lives is a philosophy very dear to us here.

Astrology in this decade is gaining more recognition and many people now (to varying degrees) feel that the "stars" have a certain amount of influence over their personalities. The word Zodiac literally means "circle of animals" so this being the case what hidden influence do the animals hold in store for us on our Spiritual journey?

Is the significance of this the fact that the animals are the "medium" between heaven and earth and that they can show us the way to unconditional love?

We believe that the future will see us increasingly working with animals as catalysts in healing, personal development and areas of education dealing with emotional intelligence.

The Holistequine Whole Body Intelligence System works with the horse in online horse courses and private sessions in just this manner. Through the understanding of a phenomenon of Physics called Entrainment we developed a biofeedback model and a series of interactive exercises and began seeing some truly amazing results. Now neuroscientists are investigating Mirror Neurons, which will give greater validation to the W.B.I. System and our work here.

Animals generally (but specifically the horse) have one unique characteristic in common in that they serve mankind unconditionally. This "vibration of service" allows for them to be pure channels to help us on our journey of personal development and healing.

Just as the Martial Arts were developed by observing the stances and movements of the animals, so too, the Holistequine System was created after observing the finer interactions and social structure of our equine friends. Given no human interference horses live within totally functional social family structures their whole lives. They dispense justice with love and respect and most importantly they know how to communicate effectively and co-operate successfully as a unit, qualities that they can effectively pass on to us humans.

These observations have been incorporated into the Equine Assisted Therapy sessions, courses and workshops

Over time we began to understand what was required to communicate successfully with the horse if we wanted to reach a desired outcome for our clients. During these years we not only saw the changes that our client needed to make (to gain their respect and trust), but we also noticed how we also became more balanced, more "in our power" and had increased self esteem.

It was a case of; far from just training the horse we also had to be open up enough to see what we could learn from the horse and that once we overcame our human prejudices and let go of our ego the horse could become a powerful teacher for all of us. The more we let go the more we were rewarded with powerful insights.

The practical component of Holistequine (the Whole Body Intelligence.method) is now being put into Equine Assisted Therapy programs, programs to be used for positive change in the human condition. This cutting edge system has the potential to help many people. By healing a person's "whole energy field" or "whole body intelligence" we integrate body, mind ans soul and health and well being follows.

It helps us understand and then integrate our conflicting internal dialogue (or the grasshopper mind). This "conflict within" hinders our communication generally; it hinders the relationships we not only have with ourselves but also our relationship with others.

As we stated earlier our broader goal is to research, strengthen and obtain a deeper understanding of our connection with the Animal Kingdom and in particular our "spiritual" relationship with the horse. Because the horse represents "freedom of sprit" he can help us set our own spirit free. Our equine assisted therapy work at the centre and our on line horse courses are providing us with some amazing insights and feedback into shared energy fields which not only help us to understand how we are all interconnected but has also given us practical life tools to use in the future.

Over the many years of doing this energy work we have constantly observed the osmosis effect of our special horses and the positive impact they have on the human energy field. Clients also feel this effect; often they have arrived, for example with headaches, sinus problems, even depression and within 20 or so minutes of interacting with the horse they experience no more symptoms. We now know this has a direct link to a phenomenon called Entrainment.

Holistequine is a method or technique that endeavours to understands how the forces of Nature and the Animal Kingdom can act as tools for human learning, healing and personal development. We have seen how these invisible forces of Nature influence us at the electro-magnetic level of our being and through our interactive work this invisible force can be utilized as a tangible tool for progress.

The wisdom and insights of the nature kingdoms can now be harnessed for each individual to reach their full potential.

The Lost Art of Self Expression:

As children we were always honest and always wanted to express this honesty to others, we though and acted in the moment.

However we then learnt or were taught that "you don't say that" or "you must not do that" and we soon worked out that it was better to be quiet and not offend anyone and consequently to varying degrees we stopped speaking our truth, internalising our thoughts and emotions.

Horses do not have this "flaw" in their behaviour. It is hypothesized that horses actually see auras and recognises this dishonesty or inability to express ourselves as a "lack". It is "experienced" by our horse as a depletion or a hole in our personal energy field.

The Holistequine programs provide the tools to rediscover the art of self expression; to rediscover our spirit, that loving and truthful person hidden inside of us all; the part that through regaining a love of self has the courage to speak out.

Defining: What is our Spirit?

If we look at the true definition of "Spirit" and see it as "The vital principle or animating force within all living beings" With this definition we can then put spirituality into its more definitive perspective.

Becoming Spiritual (by Holistequine definition) is now, claiming your life-force, claiming your power, will or energy to be who you are, or learning, with love to claim your true potential and speak your truth.

It is with this intention that Holistequine, with the help of nature and our animal friends has come into being..


The basic concept of Equine Assisted Life Coaching

Just as actors depict characters in a play humans also have an alter ego or an identity that is an outer representation of their true Self. Working with the horse not only allows us to see both these aspects more clearly but also gives us the insights needed to integrate our ego with our higher Self

The horse, we believe is a highly evolved energetic being that communicates and reacts to others by sensing energy and reading body language. During our interactive sessions our  facilitator interprets the horse's reaction to the client forming a triad of energy exchange and then uses this as a feedback mechanism for the client.

The practitioner is able to see where the flaw (or energy block) is located in the client's energy feild and go on to correct any negative thought patterns he/she may be carrying (even if these blockages are at a subconscious level they will not escape the horses attention) We have found that when these negative thought patterns emerge amazingly enough all that is needed to correct the problem is for the client to reassess the situation from a viewpoint of understanding it as an adult, not from the mind of a 5 or 10 year old (or whenever the trauma or belief pattern happened).

This interaction reveals blockages at all levels of body, mind or spirit and can even reveal issues buried deep in the unconscious mind of the client. Interacting with the horse in this manner is not only simple and non threatening, but it is also fun and very effective.

Because the feedback we get is through the "feeling centres", the client seems to "know" that it is coming through the horse. For this reason any new knowledge or insight somehow bypasses our ego and is absorbed at a higher energy level. We are not getting the information from a person therefore we do not take it personally.

The Holistequine is a more complex method of equine assisted therapy and works on all of the chakras in the body but focuses primarily on the Solar Plexus and Heart chakra ,similar to Pilates we see this Solar Plexus area as important not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. It is the seat of personal power and the will so any energy blockages here or in the first and second chakras can manifest as low self worth and a feeling of being powerless, it can also contribute to a range of diseases and social problems. The potential of this method is that it heals at the body/spirit interface. When the spirit is healed everything else falls into place or put more simply when our attitude and understanding of a problem changes so too does the solution appear.


By interacting with the horse we can see and understand areas in our lives that are not working for us. The horse mirrors back to us our short comings, enabling us to address these issues and get on with our lives Our herd of 8 horses often become the missing human extended family, giving us the discipline, confidence, self esteem and unconditional love that they give to their own horse herd or family.


How Holistequine evolved:

This method was developed over 20 years by myself a Holistic Practitioner after observing the interaction within my own horse herd and subsequently the ongoing work with horses and people. Together with our students we saw how these horses had a finely evolved social structure, all knowing their relationship within the herd and all having respect for "horse authority". Antisocial behaviour is soon corrected by the head mare or stallion/gelding before it becomes a problem.

During our observation we began to understand how horses communicate, how they "read" energy, and body language and then interact with each other accordingly. The most important understanding was seeing how their energy field was influenced by their own self -esteem.

We saw that the horse's level of self-worth was determined by how they had been treated and handled in the past by humans. Each person, during a life coaching session was drawn to a horse that "mirrored" similar issues to themselves thus enabling us to work through the particular problem. The 8 members of our herd have been together for up to 18 years the newest addition to our family, a beautiful Lipizzaner, a 12 month old filly called Etta.

We give our horses total unconditional love and acceptance, allowing them to "be who they are". By allowing the horses to claim their own spirit we saw how their self esteem returned and they then used their wisdom willingly to help humans .

We had been operating children and adult's riding and interactive learning sessions for nearly 10 years before developing Holistequine more diverse programs. These later programs came through an understanding of the level of emotional and mental skills that the horse requires of the rider before the physical act of riding takes place. It includes seeing issues like anger, frustration, low self esteem etc. resolving with the help of the horse.

 Due to these observations we saw the need to develop "Holistequine" into non riding personal growth and healing programs (now available as individually life coaching through tailored on line courses)

We work on the principal that: Every problem reflected outside of oneself is first and foremost an internal conflict. From our experience we have found that from a preventative perspective if the finer areas of our life are working for us it has a flow on effect to our external environment. When we are happy at our higher levels (of spirit) our mental and emotional health improves, our bio- chemistry changes and disease cannot get a foothold in the physical body.

How "Holistequine" works

For healthy social development we need relationships, we need to interact with "others" in our lives, i.e. partners, friends, family pets etc. These others ideally teach us to trust, develop and grow by mirroring our traits back to us and giving us feedback, feedback not only of our positive behaviour and traits but feedback also on any "negative" behaviour that is not serving us. Ideally from this if we care for that "other in our life" enough we correct any dysfunctional behaviour that we may have thereby improving our relationship with them..........but first we must become "aware" of it.

Holistequine has developed these programs working with the horse symbolising the mirror to the "other".

Working with the horse directly at this higher level of spirit we bypass our emotional defence mechanism thereby a pure channel is created. The Holistequine horse interacts with us unconditionally wanting nothing in return; he does not buy into our emotions or cannot be manipulated by us.

We grow and learn from all our interaction with others, however often our association with people is too confronting and we can become too emotional and do not feel relaxed enough to "drop our guard" and have open, honest communication. In many situations we are so busy being continually defensive with others that we do not hear what they are saying and in these cases we do not learn or grow emotionally.       However with the horse as our "mirror"/partner we drop all defences and feel safe enough to make the necessary changes within.

Unlike a human mirror, animals seem to be able to do this "reflecting" without us feeling threatened.

There are hundreds of self-help books, seminars and courses, all with the promise to help us find inner peace and harmony in our lives and most of this information is very helpful, however we found that when we take in information through our 5 senses i.e. hearing, touching, seeing etc. the information is only absorbed at the intellectual level.

By working with the horse in these interactive programs there is an energy exchange, it is experiential in that we actually energetically integrate the experience so that it then becomes part of "who we are". We then "know" the information not just from the head but we also "know it" from the heart space.                   

At some deeper level it resonates within us as truth.

Meditation, music, the arts and being in nature all take us to the brain wave level of Alpha. Alpha too is the natural state of the horse and because of this she/he can help us to relax and learn to "be" in this state, a level of brain freqency where we can de-stress from everyday life.

As we practise working in this Alpha state we eventually learn "to become" this state in our everyday life. The horse, remember, interacts within his herd by non verbal communiction. When we start working with him/her he/she interacts with us by reading our energy field, seeing blockages in our energy field and then reacting to them and giving us feedback. These energy blocks are caused by our negative emotional state or our shadow side and play havoc in our lives

Imagine a light globe (100 watts) as our birth spirit potential, then, as we grow older every negative thought we believe about ourselves dims the glow just a little.We judge so called negative life experiences as failings, being told that we are stupid, lazy, useless etc.

All of these "impressions" have a negative effect on our "globe" and, as we get older our light diminishes to only about 60 watts or less). This "Wattage" reference point is now used by our practitioner as a gauge or "energy meter" during the session.

 We then work with this meter to correct the client's self image. We see "Holistequine" as a preventative, fun, Holistic approach to healing and personal growth and by meeting the needs of the body at the emotional/mental level we correct and heal any dis-ease before it presents in the physical body...............This is the real function of preventative medicine.

Who "Holistequine" helps

Holistequine equine assisted therapy helps anyone who has trouble with their personal power i.e. People who substitute aggression for power or people who are "too giving" and are then resentful because they feel they have "been used". It helps parents and teachers understand the dynamics of bullies and bullying and see how the problem can be corrected. In our sessions we work with both parent and child. The same principles and exercises are also being applied to workplace bullying.

Fear is a big issue in today's society. Holistequine helps the client to understand that faith can overcome fear by showing them how to have faith in them self and how to trust their intuition.

Fear and faith cannot co-exist. If you have faith you cannot have fear and if you have fear you cannot have faith. Because our method helps the client see that any problem stems from "not having faith in your innerpower " it allows the client to see the imbalance in their personal power base and then to correct it.

Basically this technique can help anyone who has the courage to come face to face with their "mirror" and start dealing with their problems in order to find the balance in their lives. The aim of this training is for the participant to become "the iron fist in the kid glove".

As the horse represents Spirit he can help us on our Path of self discovery.

Many years ago if anyone asked me the question "What do you want?" I could not tell them as I did not know the answer. I did not know what I wanted because I did not know who I was.

All my life I had given my power away to someone else, either parent, teacher or partner. I ambled through life only being able to reclaim my power by getting angry. However over the years with the support of a loving husband and working with my horse family I now know who "I am",  not just who I am as an ego but as an evolving spiritual being.

The Holistequine philosophy is that every living thing is an expression of energy. Energy is neither negative nor positive it is just a neutral life force waiting for direction, and every problem in life is a result of a misguided use of that energy.

Because we "label" energy as good or bad we inadvertently label ourself and weaken our own energy field in the process.

We believe that because everything is energy that there is no right or wrong just consequence of actions

We work with horses as an interactive tool to develop each individual's Higher Self potential. We see this process as a way to develop fitness of Body, Mind & Spirit. (in a variety of Life Coaching Programs)

At Holistequine we honour the Native American Philosophy that all of Nature is One and that the Animals are our brothers and sisters and can act as mirrors for us on our spiritual path.

At Holistequine we learn to "think with our hearts and Love with our minds".

Holistequine is a natural form of healing as............. Naturopathy by definition is - Healing with nature.

We see this work as the next step in vibrational healing. The horse becomes a channel to open the feminine, intuitive side of ourselves (E.Q.) which is then married with the logical left brain (I.Q.) to form a balanced relationship both within ourselves and in the outer world

As the founder of Holistequine I started studying Natural Medicine about 18 years ago, after that I continued my study in many of the Metaphysical Sciences. However, after working with horses I realised that, for me, vibrational healing through equine assisted life coaching was the future in teaching Life Skills and self awareness to others.

We have now created our non equine "All of Life Coaching" on line mentor programs and take much pleasure in offering our insights and information