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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and with this new information comes the prospect of reprogramming and recreating our destiny.

We have been led to believe that mostly "disease" (including mental and emotional problems) run in the family, handed down through our DNA, led to believe that because of our parent's medical history we are destined to succumb to these dis-eases as something outside of our control but with new research we now know that our DNA CAN be changed, that because of these "modification" or switches our genes can be turned off and on 

Through our work at Holistequine we have seen that these switches can also be influenced by our emotional and Spiritual environment, meaning that the triggers for disease not only take the "local" form of poor diet and lifestyle but that these switches can also be triggered by negative beliefs, attitudes, prejudices and old habitual thinking also passed down through family lines..

Because these "switches" are triggered through our emotional and Spiritual "energy field" we cannot resolve our problems purely through the rational "science" of our logical mind..the changes must also filter through the higher mind the part of our intelligence that deals with emotional and Spiritual issues, the part that is held within the right brain function...our e-book and workshops provide the tools and information to make these changes

Through our own research into Epigenetics we open to an amazing new world and possibilities for healing.

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective....

Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (strong) and feminine (sensitive) traits as part of their “being”. Therefore we can only solve this problem when we stop seeing it as a gender specific issue and instead understand it as violence/abuse against the feminine PRINCIPAL...

We all carry these 2 principals within us i.e. we can be too controlling/strong/aggressive (deemed as masculine) or conversely at other times we can be too vulnerable, soft and submissive (feminine).

We restore harmony when we find a BALANCE... YIN/YANG...So whether we are victim or perpetrator unless we are on a path of self awareness we often project outside of ourselves these 2 polarities of masculine /feminine, strong/ vulnerable that we need to balance within ourselves.


Looking at it this way there is just as much violence against men when, for example women nag/abuse/control their husbands and sons. We see it when Mothers scream at their timid children who may be quiet and “sensitive’ but don’t DO things quickly enough when asked, or men in a group ‘hazing” new male recruits as a form of initiation or even when a female friend or co-worker becomes too “bossy’ and is not mindful of you when you are feeling vulnerable...these are all example of abuse of the feminine principal, or abuse of that gentle, sensitive part in all of us

When we understand it from a holistically perspective as a need to balance our energy we then see it as a spiritual lesson in order for us to find the natural order of things.

Working with my herd of life coaching horses at Holistequine I have come to understand that horses have this balance naturally so communicate discipline with an equal amount of love and authority. Order in the herd is paramount....because they need their herd to be strong to survive in the group...


Abuse is not always restricted to physical is just as damaging if it is played out at a mental or emotional level i.e. as control, manipulation and using derogatory remarks against someone....because these things are just as soul destroying as physical abuse...

Regardless of gender any time we interfere with (without being asked) and do not respect another person’s life path or try to influence or control them we are guilty of abuse.


Holistequine runs empowerment retreats, workshops and courses online and onsite at Cooroy Sunshine Coast Queensland

The Power of INTENTION 

Tools to manifest your dreams. Our horses can show you how to align your intention to achieve your goals 

Have you ever wondered why things don't go to plan, why when we want something it often doesn't materialise?  Whether it’s a new job, buying that dream property, wanting a better relationship, improving a work situation or even a desire for better health we all have goals in life but unfortunately for reasons that seem beyond our control these dreams are not always realised. Now however we can have control. It comes with understanding how to use the full focus of our “whole brain” to get the desired outcome. Meaning that unless we have the 2 sides of us (our ego and our higher Self) singing the same tune we have inner conflict and nothing is going to happen or at best we create a watered down version of what we really want.

First we need to understanding that everything is a vibration that the thoughts and intentions we put out have a flow on effect with both "negative" and "positive" consequences.

This is where our horses shine as they show us how our thoughts create the outcome. They allow us to distinguish these “vibrations’ giving us a reference point so we can purify and strengthen our intention by uniting these two sides of ourselves.........consciously working to optimise our aspirations and goals in life

Intention is one of the most powerful vibrations of all

Our horse can help us identify with this because not only can he/she recognises the energy of a leader and detect low or high self esteem but they can actually help us increase this powerbase and realign it with our goals


First we “set the intention”

Our horse “reads” this “intention” as energy within our “aura” and can then not only detect the strength of this “intention” but also what might be weakening this life force...i.e. they are able to help identify which self sabotaging beliefs, thoughts and programs are lurking in our unconscious mind limiting our potential

Using our whole body intelligence system we then increase the potency of the “intention” to strengthen the mind set....because if our “energy” to reach our goal is less than 100% so too will be the outcome.

Our higher Self comes from unconditional love and wants a win-win situation for all whereas our unconscious mind is still influenced by our instincts of survival which often holds doubts and fears that we are not good enough with limiting thoughts that we have been totally unaware of...this ego self needs to be gently realigned and for our two “selves” to be synchronised as one powerful energy force. Our horses are able to convey this with the unconditional love we now see reflected in ourselves... for the real potency of our intention IS our Oneness

Next 2 day Workshop Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April 2014 

Cost......... $275.00 with Deposit of $50.00

Where....... 277 Cooroy Mountain Road Cooroy



By gently releasing old programs sitting silently in our subconscious minds we then rejuvenate ourselves to create a new spiritual, mental and physical body

It is said that disease runs in the family but what if we could reverse these programs by getting our spiritual and emotional bodies also involved in the healing process...what if we could rid our bodies of these preconditioned emotional and spiritual toxins thereby strengthening the immune system at a higher level?

Why are so many people getting sick and so many others taking their lives?...maybe it is time to look deeper to see where the problem originates and look at the higher level of mind and spirit to see why this is happening

What if we didn’t have to accept dis-ease as part of our family history...what if we could take back our power over these debilitating illnesses that have encroached on our everyday lives....taking back control?

As a Naturopath and Metaphysician we work on the principal that the spirit rules the mind and the mind rules the body

Therefore if you believe that humans are more than just a physical body then to overcome these inherited patterns you will need to take another look at what is going on and ask why some people fall victim to certain diseases while others don’ there some other factor going on to affect the emotional/ mental and spiritual level of our being that we are presently unaware of?

Is the case of disease running in families it is more about a predisposition to the vibration of a dis-ease in the family “line”, ailments that have affected our emotional body at a deeper soul level and that it is THIS “resonance” that has been passed on.

To clear the “lines” of these cellular memories our programs work to release the old information locked within the energy centres of the first two Chakras.

Research now states that the fears and negative emotions of the parents can be handed down to their children so what if we expanded on this theory and went further to say that this “passing on” through our family lines goes further back than we imagined, beliefs and old patterns of behaviour that might have a greater influence over our everyday health that what we previously thought. What is we said that negative emotions, limited spiritual beliefs that our forefathers had were still having an negative influence on who we are today?...these “echoes from the past” are carried collectively and personally in the energy field of our root chakra.

These experts now say that 90% of our actions are subconscious with encoding that we were born with as part of our survival influencing both our past and our present lifetime and while most of this is positive it also forms the foundation of all our old negative beliefs; thoughts and conditioning which in the past have controlled how we think and act... i.e. limiting attitudes and ideas that have held us prisoners for such a long time. 

We have come to a crucial point in our spiritual survival where any old belief patterns in the subconscious mind that are holding us back from our spiritual potential are up for review

Our workshops and courses will explore and work through the information carried in our DNA to give us a total spring clean of any toxic “hand me downs” the residue of which results in poor health.

Our new soon to be released workbook presents new insights, spiritual updates and practical exercises to help clear the spiritual and emotional component of our DNA and will be a step by step guide to work through reversing this process of clearing the “sins of the Father” i.e. toxic habitual thinking and attitudes sitting deep in the collective subconscious mind

Workshop Cooroy QLD. Saturday 13th September to $95.00 (lunch included)

0434 314 811


To understand why affirmations are often not enough to get us what we want in life we need to look at the role of our “second brain”...which scientist now believe to be the second half of our intelligence found in the gut.

It makes sense that if affirmations only work through one aspect of our intelligence unless our gut brain is balanced as well nothing is going to improve.

With 100 million neurons and being responsible for storing 95% of the body’s feel good hormone Serotonin the gut's brain is reported to play a major role in both human happiness and misery with many gastrointestinal disorders like colitis and irritable bowel syndrome originating from problems within the gut's brain                                                                                                                                                                   

For example if all we needed to do to get that job, have more money, a better relationship etc was to use our cranial intelligence then affirmations alone would work; we could repeat a positive affirmation 100 times and we would get our wish but as we know it doesn't always work this way. To succeed in life we need to have our gut "thinking", congruent with our positive thoughts be singing the same tune.

New research into the "belly brain" (our Enteric Nervous System) now suggests that this primal brain is our adaptive subconscious and is the part of ourselves that we are not aware of. It is the FEELING" part of us experienced as butterflies in our stomach and it is the seat of our emotions. It is also the part that unwittingly sabotages our best efforts and is where our self worth "lives". ..........but most importantly it is this hidden part of us that must provide a sense of self worth and a belief in ourselves in order to trust that we are worthy enough to have the good things in life.

We must breakthrough this unconscious state to trust in our dreams                                                                      

We use the (Whole Body Intelligence system) in EALC and All of Life Coaching to align these two "brains' then from this new perspective the client can reassess things to get their life working again. Our methods allow us to break through the delicate and unconscious connection between our energy centres and our endocrine system to understand the link between the our mental thoughts and our physical reality, bringing to the surface the cause of our dis-ease        

CASE STUDY                                                                                                                                                          

 A client had been suffering with acute severe stomach pains for many years lasting a few days at a time. She had seen specialists who eventually diagnosed and treated her for IBS which had not resolved. During her sessions we began to delve more deeply into her “unconscious” and she realised that this pain was always worse about mid way through her cycle. Further investigation also revealed that it was triggered by any authority figure who reminded her of her Father who through no fault of his own had been rather severe and intimidating to her as a sensitive little child. Once these “clues” had been bought to her "adult" conscious mind she could then reassess the situation with unconditional love and compassion for herself and her Father and as a result the pain resolved permanently

When things get tough and we are faced with challenges we often need help to understand and process life but when we are given the right information and the right methods we begin to see life differently, that is from a bigger picture perspective. Then as we change our thoughts, ideas and beliefs we restore order back into our lives.... all the fear, doubts and mistrust fade away and we are at peace with the world.

We cannot be successful and have our life go to "plan" unless we have our "whole body intelligence" aligned where our head and our heart, our gut and our 'cranial" intelligence are "working" together as ONE.

Our emotional buttons get pushed daily mostly through non verbal communication. We therefore need to understand not just how our own but how everyone's personal emotional filter influences how we all experience life and how when we can bring down the veils of self doubt, judgement and fear we ALL connect in Oneness.

 By understanding and reassessing the information stored in our gut brain we see what is holding us back and then unlock any health and emotional factors standing in our way.

It seems reasonable then to suggest that because this gut brain was developed as part of our primal or reptilian brain that it is the part we relate to with Nature/Alpha /the animals/ Universal wisdom and is why animal assisted life coaching and therapy works so well...because they connect us to this deeper level of intelligence called Oneness