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Conscious awareness through the horse

May 30th 2011
At last, after years of “working blind” and following a seemingly endless intuitive path with horses in personal development we have had a break through.
Holistequine life coaching work involves “maximizing human potential through the spirit of the horse “and now, with this new  understanding of how it all connects, it has eventually come full circle.
It is time to align our consciousness; for the head and the heart, Heaven and Earth and the left and right brain to synchronize as ONE


As we face life’s painful challenges it is often hard to retain the memory of our spiritual destiny of why we are here and remember that there is a predetermined positive future ahead for all is easy to get lost in the mundane and fall into the chaos going on around us.
As we are propelled forward on this evolutionary journey eventually things clear and we see our path more clearly
For me the breakthrough came after hearing of a group of scientists now working together to expand their understanding of human consciousness, a venture called the Global Coherence Initiative Project. Their work parallels our work with horses and the Whole Body Intelligence findings at Holistequine.........
Although they have reached their conclusions and documented their findings from left brain “science” we have reached the same point by approaching it from an intuitive perspective, documenting a practical appreciation of “whole energy fields” while working predominantly through the right brain with horses and Nature
Over the years of working with students and clients in equine assisted life coaching our findings have pointed toward what the Global Coherence Initiative Project now suggests ..............that because the horse resonates at a level of “service” to man it comes within the frequency of 7.8 Htz (or unconditional love) therefore bypassing the human ego and connecting directly to the higher frequency of our spirit.
During a life coaching session an energetic transference occurs between horse and client. The horse’s frequency of 7.8 Htz is used as a “reference point”, and becomes an energetic mirror for the client to recognise their own potential.
 The horses have shown us that by marrying the polarities of the Alpha and Beta brainwaves we can positively amplify our intentions out to the world and change human consciousness.
The key is in freeing the subconscious by integrating the dualities of the left and right brain.....and all they represent to the ego symbolically.
Planet Earth presents humans with an opportunity to find Oneness through comparison, to find a balance by sorting through duality, polarity and a sense of separation. Once we can see life from a “whole energy” perspective then we cease to take things personally, we see that everything is not either/or, right/wrong, we see that ALL is energy and, as we learn how to balance this energy everything falls into place
Humans and the physical world consist of opposing forces i.e. Yin/ Yang, fear/faith, electro and magnetic energy, our 2 strands of DNA etc. 
Many of these opposing forces such as selfish/selfless, work/play, creative/ logic etc provide an opportunity for us to integrate these characteristics into balancing our own lives
Health and wellbeing depends on harmony between the two halves of our brain to balance our Nervous System. To ensure that our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems function properly it is vital that the fight/flight response (Beta) is not overactive
Like a domino effect we believe that all physical health, emotional, mental and spiritual problems will be resolved by finding this balance between Alpha and Beta consciousness i.e. our left and right brain.  Just as we know that a balance of PH in our system directly influences our physical wellbeing.
Through our work with horses we now believe that when left and right brain resonate together at the same frequency the body’s energy field vibrates at 7.8 Htz. (or the Alpha frequency) and the body, mind and spirit will function as ONE. The heart rhythm will synchronise with Universal Oneness and a coherent rhythm will “Entrain” all the other organs of the body so that we experience a connection of “knowing from the heart”. When we learn to use our left brain equally with our right brain stress will be a thing of the past and we will have both inner and outer harmony.
However when we succumb to a hectic lifestyle the Beta consciousness overrides the Alpha brain wave state, we find ourselves stressed and if this is not rectified, overtime it will create physical dis-ease, for example...........
A client (Anne) presented recently for life coaching and her main health issues being high blood pressure. Our interpretation of “high blood pressure” fits into the Beta polarity; however when these polarities are seen as “energy” the situation is easily rectified. Anne had resigned herself to the fact that her mother had high blood pressure so was willing to accept this diagnosis as ‘fate’.  The truth was revealed after the horse tapped into her subconscious mind. She is a very strong but gentle woman with a very demanding vocal husband who was always talking and demanding her attention. Over the years without realising it he had been draining her energy and putting her in a constant state of stress. Her gentle disposition and “natural” Alpha state of being was constantly being bombarded by his chatter which switched her to the “higher” Beta frequency, upsetting her nervous system and causing her to have insomnia and high blood pressure. She then saw the same “pattern” with her mother’s relationship with her father and that it was only the “habit” that was “hereditary” NOT the physical problem of high blood pressure. This new truth resonated within her “knowingness” and allowed her to reassess the situation and take back some control of her life.
Our horse facilitator sees the potential within our energy field and will only respond to a positive SPIRIT so anything that sits in a person’s aura as disease, poor me, low self esteem etc be they conscious or unconscious thoughts are identified during the session and mirrored by our horse’s response.
The Alpha frequency prevails throughout all matter as the coherent rhythm of the Universe and to live in peace and harmony we must now integrate the higher frequencies of the Left Beta brain into the right brain
To keep safe in the past we had to rely on the left logical brain but to now evolve spiritually we will need to balance the two and use them equally, meaning that to open the channel to higher wisdom and allow the insights to flow we must retrain ourselves to utilize more of our right brain.
This “flying” analogy provides an illustration.............With a limited licence, to fly a small aircraft a pilot requires a “visual” perspective; the pilot predominantly relies on his 5 senses to manoeuvre his aircraft with limited use of instruments. Whereas if our pilot was “instrument rated” it would mean he could fly in clouds etc even when visibility was limited. If we were to relate being “visual” with the left brain and “instrument” rated/ (i.e. trusting on a force outside of our “logic”) with the right brain, we would see the analogy of the need to rely on both avenues of information equally.
Einstein’s hypothesis is that we only use a very small percentage of our brain (referring to our left brain);  to reverse this we will need to learn how to “swap the driver’s seat”, to go from predominantly using our left brain to using our right and left brain become the co-creators of our future we will need to be like our pilot and trust the creative input of our intuitive right brain and then step it out with the information gathered locally from our logical left brain...........but first we must learn how to BE in the Alpha frequency and open the heart centre..............Because our horse believes in him/herself, they have this centre open and therefore have a clear channel to wisdom within the Alpha brain frequency. Because this is the horse’s natural state he/she will show us the way.
Our horse life coach can also “pick up” things that are holding us back, beliefs we might have about ourselves due to family or hereditary “programming”. Another example of this is a client with a “block” that was causing stagnation in her life caused by a deeply held negative belief that she was totally unaware of
She had been trying to get a business off the ground that would not only be a source of income but a wonderful opportunity to help others. However the energy to materialize this vision and take the idea from the creative right brain to the “doing” stage had been stuck for years, no matter what she did nothing happened.
During a session her equine coach “showed” her that due to a negative belief system her subconscious mind, without her realising it, was sabotaging her efforts. It was revealed that growing up she had been told over and over by her father that she did not “deserve” this or that. In its simplicity correcting this misunderstanding over one word changed everything. How could she move on, walk her path and “serve” if she was programmed to “de-serve”
The horse only needs to see an open heart and that we are ready for change and........magic happens
Our horse shows us that although our ego is flawed and riddled with self-doubt our indestructible spirit within prevails as a powerful force waiting to be realised and potentiated
All pain will cease once we align our ego with our evolving spirit, once we let go and consciously recognise our role in the “plan” of Global Coherence ..........or Oneness
Horses can help us to first connect with unconditional love of self, help us to co-creating our path and then give us the tools to fulfil our mission in life to help others 
Holistequine runs workshops, private sessions and online courses for Practitioners
As time passes I now understand that the “vision” that was/is Holistequine is gradually becoming A NEW SCIENCE in the NOW

Holistequine is known as Equine Assisted Life Coaching and is a form of Equine Assisted Therapy
For more information on the Global Coherence Initiative see...................      Video on ..............Science of the heart


New schedule for our 2012 Equine Assisted Therapy Courses coming soon