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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Healing through Horses. by Veronica Garrett


April 1st.Holistic Bliss Magazine
As a Naturopath in the early 90’s I specialised in Energy Medicine, Feldenkreis, Chakra healing and Applied Kinesiology and loved the left brain, scientific approach to healing but all that was about to change after my mare India had a horrific accident. As she recovered I noticed she would eat specific plants and trees in our garden, vegetation that she had never eaten before or since. It was a light bulb moment as I realised she knew intuitively what her body needed selecting plants and “weeds” that I had spent the past 5 years studying......healing was that simple if I could only let go of ego and trust my “instincts”.

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A daughter's account

Today I went to Holistequine with my father. I wasn't sure how the day was going to go, whether he was really interested in going or not. I was quite hesitant...
We went along anyway. When we got there we sat down and Veronica had a chat to dad about a few things, but we pretty much went straight down to work with the horses. Because dad had said he loved big horses, Veronica thought Etta would be the best to work with. Well, Etta had other idea's. When we went to put her halter on she kept running away! Like she was saying, "No, you don't need to work with me today." While I was watching this happen, I kept glancing over at Flicker who was standing there watching.

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“Infostress” has become the latest problem in today’s tech savvy world and is a description of how a left brain overload is being caused through excessive use of technology and the growing need to acquire information. It is a term used for the mounting fear and anxiety when we find ourselves in when cut off from our smart phones or from social network sites OR conversely when we use these I.T. devises to excess.

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New research shows that we have grossly underestimated both the scope and the scale of animal intelligence. Primatologist Frans de Waal on memory-champ chimps, tool-using elephants and rats capable of empathy.
Who is smarter: a person or an ape? Well, it depends on the task. Consider Ayumu, a young male chimpanzee at Kyoto University who, in a 2007 study, put human memory to shame. Trained on a touch screen, Ayumu could recall a random series of nine numbers, from 1 to 9, and tap them in the right order, even though the numbers had been displayed for just a fraction of a second and then replaced with white squares.

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Becoming the observer in life = Emotional Freedom


In order not to get caught up in petty or conflicting situations we need to be consciously training ourselves to work ABOVE the emotional level i.e. at a higher level where we are able to "observe" or watch our emotions "play out" both in other people but more importantly in ourselves........We will need to see ourselves as “energy beings” in a physical body then as we proceed to close all our emotional buttons we only come from unconditional love and by holding that frequency we don't get "sucked in" to other people’s dramas

We give our power away to others BY BEING ATTACHED TO HOW THEY REACT TO US. The book Celestine Prophecy speaks of how people get power way is they gain energy by being "needy"/poor me

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