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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Our Practitioner Training Courses is now being offered in 2 parts or levels (listed below), the first is Level 1 in  Equine Assisted Life Coaching, the second course is for the more extensive training required for Equine Vibrational Healing. 


 All our courses are tailored to suit individual qualifications and requirements, training can be conducted on line, onsite  or a combination of both

1)  Basic Holistequine E.A.L.C. Practitioner Course (level 1)

This E.A.L.C training course includes the basic training using the "Whole Body Intelligence" system as the extended course listed below (as item 2) the  difference being that it does not address many of the deeper physical and emotional health issues we see in society today. The level 1 course  covers the basic life coaching issues only

General information................
  • As a Holistequine Life Coach you will be able to either work within our Centre or freelance under the Holistequine umbrella.
  • You will need to have a desire to help others through your own personal growth
  • Learn how the Whole Body Intelligence System can be applied to many diverse fields of the wellness industry.
  • See how you could go on to create your own employment doing something you love.
  • Understand how by opening to higher intelligence you can empower and enrich your own life and also those around you


Our Whole Body Intelligence system aligns the physical with the earth bodies to the Universal "bodies" and revolutionises the way we "think" about ourselves and the world around us as. It allows us to experience a new way of living our life as a "whole energy field" and consequently to understand ourselves as part of a greater "Whole".

During our research we found that by integrating a person's "whole" intelligence (spiritual and emotional) it then had a positive, domino effect on the self healing capacity of the physical body.

We see an amazing potential of this ongoing work, the beauty of working with animals in this way means that because the feedback comes directly from the horse the client is more willing to accept it because the information revealed throughout the session is trans-personal. Meaning that it is experiential in that the client "feels" the effect themselves; it is not just an intellectual concept.

The work at Holistequine involves a technique that appears to balance our higher centres, the centres that control our programming. As we come to understand this phenomenon we are able to translate the information into areas that touch every aspect of human health and social interaction, from Life Coaching and Child Development to Corporate and Workplace training to healing the physical and emotional body.

The cost of this course is $2500.00 and can be conducted on line............Your new understanding will take you to higher levels or awareness tol see how we all hold a mirror to the universal frequency of unconditional love held in Nature and the animals and how we need to BE to take this vibration with us into our everyday world


2) Equine Vibrational Healing (All of Life) Practitioner Course...Level 2

New Extended course:

Course in Equine Vibrational Healing (All of Life Coaching) Practitioner's course for 2014 (this course incorporates new research and insights into energy medicine while integrating existing models and modalities of vibrational healing)

Suited to qualified health practitioners within allied healing fields

In this extended equine assisted life coaching program we learn how vibrational healing works through entrainment (via our horse) to alter our "state of consciousness". We believe that it is at this 'blue print" or collective level of our energy field that our personal healing of body, mind and spirit takes place.

Holistequine offers you the unique opportunity to work with your horse in this evolving field of vibrational medicine (through Equine Assisted Therapy) to become an Equine Assisted All of Life Coach.

We live in a society where "disease" is now a multi billion dollar industry. It is a society where statistically the number of people who are expected to contact cancer has increased rather than decreased and where the incidence of other degenerative diseases such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis etc. have also steadily increased in spite of the amount of money being spent to "cure" them......we look at these collective causes of "dis-ease" in order to heal them at the "personal" level

We are also experiencing an increase of suicide, depression and other mental disorders which are also on the rise at an alarming rate. This rise is in spite of the money spent and the research allocated to understanding these problems.

This decline in our overall "health" should maybe make us rethink our approach and adopt a more spiritual or holistic approach and work with the higher intelligence/energy fields within the body. To do this we will explore the collective level of dis-ease and understand it as part of our spiritual evolution in order to see how it effects the "person' level of our well being 

Holistequine combines the potential within the Personal Development and wellness Industry with the universal love of the horse.

More specifically Holistequine (and the the Whole Body Intelligence system) can be applied to many diverse Equine Assisted Life Coaching programs for example relationship counselling, healing, personal growth, corporate and sales, parenting, bullying etc. 

In exploring the principals of vibrational medicine we will see how many illnesses can be improved by altering our energy field and how our thoughts, ideas and many old belief patterns can have a negative effect on our immune system

As a qualified Holistequine Vibrational Therapy practitioner you will have fully integrated the philosophy of "Physician heal Thyself". Your work will then combine the roles of Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Spiritual Counsellor. Meaning that the initial training approach will focus on your own personal well being  on the three levels of BODY/MIND/SPIRIT before this new vibration is taken to clients

Cost for Equine Vibrational Healing course is $5,000

A Career with horses while helping others:

Holistequine is Equine Life Coaching with a difference. We have developed these powerful programs during 20 years of understanding how horses can assist us in our personal development and because of this we are now offering a limited number of traineeships. As a trainee life coach (in both the basic and full courses) you will work with horses on your own personal growth and development while simultaneously helping others reach their goals.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a professional service whereby a qualified coach assists the client to achieve his or her full potential. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today and because our world is so competitive everyone it seems needs an edge to succeed.

Leadership qualities (essential for success) are not usually inherited so therefore they need to be taught so what better role model could we have than the horse with his qualities of strength, power and determination, not to mention his sense of justice and humility

Just as a personal trainer helps the client achieve peak physical fitness, so too, the Holistequine Equine Life Coach has the job of helping the client reach their potential at all levels of body/mind/spirit

As a trainee you will understand the importance of emotional and spiritual intelligence and learn how to increase this within yourself first and then act as a role model for others 


Who can benefit from Life Coaching?

Housewife or executive, student, sportsman or business owners in fact everyone would benefit from being encouraged, empowered and motivated to succeed in what they set out to accomplish in life. 

Equine Life Coaching provides training to improve lifestyle and the mindset to succeed.

The client works with a horse (as the mentor) as well as a human facilitator to form a "healing triad" and uncover the untapped "power within" to achieve individual personal goals. Our specially trained horses are the perfect catalyst for demonstrating how a client can reach their potential because they are so strong, focused and powerfully determined themselves.

The Holistequine system was born from the love of the horse and in appreciation of his qualities and ultimately recognising a need to apply these qualities in programs aimed at helping people.

Anyone who has had a close working relationship with a horse understands how the qualities inherent in the horse enrich our own lives. How his qualities of determination, trust and inner power must be incorporated into our own persona before we gain his trust and respect and ultimately get a positive response from him. When we get his respect we take this new inner power away with changes us for the better

The Whole Body Intelligence method is simple. We believe that any problems hindering the client from living a happy, successful life are caused by a lack of or blockages in energy. The dysfunction of energy can be on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. The horse, during a series of set exercises “reads” and locates these blockages of energy (or lack of it) and responds accordingly. If we have a low energy field, for whatever reason the horse sees this as a weakness, then with help of the human facilitator, we correct the problem by bypassing the emotional level (the effect) and dealing with the energetic level (the cause)...........the cause is usually old belief patterns and programs which when reassessed from a new perspective changes the mindset which then changes the outcome. The technique is simple, effective and non threatening. Once the block clears we instantly get a new positive response from our horse. This new strong resonance of energy can then be "called in" and embodied at times when we need to be in our power 


Personal Growth and Development is an amazing growth industry and to cope with the expected future client demand new trainee ships are now are being offered.Successful applicants need to be prepared for a very challenging curriculum. Experience with horses is not essential however a passion for horses and a strong desire for personal success, and helping others is required. Applicants are assessed and accepted on their own individual merits and the course is then tailored for each individual

The Holistequine philosophy resonates deep within the human psyche because it aligns us to the new energy of Oneness.



How does training work? 

  • After a full equine and personal assessment you are sent our 2 e-books and a workbook.
  • We then design a program of training depending on a number of factors i.e. prior horse knowledge, experiences, what is the desired outcome e.t.c. 
  • Lessons are then sent via e-mail which are completed with your horse at your convenience
  • They are received back, evaluated and the next lesson send when you and your horse are ready to move on
  • There is no time limit for course completion as we are learning to work in our horse's frequency of "Universal time'

How does Equine Assisted Life Coaching work?

During our sessions (with both student and client) the horse teaches us to balance our energy so that we are not too strong and aggressive or conversely not too "soft' and vulnerable either. This then enables us to communicate our ideas and feelings to others in a more powerful, effective manner.

By increasing our sense of Self we automatically raise our Self esteem.

Throughout history humans have had a long association with the horse and now with a new understandings of this relationship from an "energy or vibrational medicine" perspective we can take this association into exciting new realms of understanding a new era in spiritual growth, health and well being.

Equine Assisted Life Coaching represents a heart based solution to all our personal and collective ailments..

Quantum physics through its research into Entrainment and Mirror Neurons has now validated this system of positively influencing the human energy field through the resonance of animals.

Throughout this course and with the help of the horse the student will be constantly refining their own "energy field" and clearing their own personal baggage as a means of preparation for helping others..... this is what is meant by "Physician heal Thyself".


In our sessions we take healing "up a level" to approach the human body from the perspective of "a physical body within a vibration field of electro-magnetic energy"; i.e.  encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Every problem be it physical, emotional/mental or spiritual is then addressed at this "energy" level and resolved accordingly

Throughout our training programs our horse (life coach) also needs to be specially prepared for this work. All old programs that trigger negative responses in our horse needs to be overcome before he/she can also become a pure mirror for clients. In other words we need to clear the emotional buttons in both equine and human practitioners so that the information received is clear

The "honest" mirror of the horse then becomes a bio-feedback mechanism enabling a loving transference of wisdom and power.


 For further information regarding either the basic or full course please e-mail.. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact form provided on the home page. Prices can be found on our products page