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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Horse Profiling

Holistequine Equine and rider working together as ONE
In all my experience of working in life coaching and training with horses there is nothing quite as rewarding as Profiling. To look into the soul of a horse, remind him of who he is and let him know that he is respected and honoured and will now be understood is a wonderful feeling..................Then as we tune into our horse's mind and understand how he/she "thinks" we open the door to communicate at a much deeper level.
 We see their hidden fears and their baggage and most importantly we see how each horse might have “blocked off” and display negative "behaviour" to cope with its surroundings in order to survive. If we want a happy relationship with our horse partner then we will need to rehabilitate and give back to our horse emotionally and spiritually. Working together in mutual repect and trust will allow us to achieve magic in any discipline we then go into with our horse.
If you think about the sensitivity of horses, the fact that in their natural state they vibrate in the Alpha world of Nature, they are with the same family/herd for life and that they are tuned to Non Verbal Communication we then begin to realise that around humans most horses are not being their true selves and like some people they are not even aware of it. This may not obviously present as a problem but unless they are healed they become unpredictable under stress
My role as a profiler is to tune you, as the horse owner into a deeper level of communication so that you can perceive these subtle needs and make the changes required so that your horse feels secure in themselves and they acquire the self esteem that they would have naturally inherited in a herd situation. To do this however we must GIVE BACK to and rehabilitate these animals so that they can COMMUNICATE WITH LOVE (just like we want to do).
That means we recreate new neural pathways in the horse’s natural state of Alpha...a place where they feel safe to be themselves. Our method works on the theory that every “problem” a horse has acquired has been created in the “Beta”/ fight or flight state and that in order to reverse this we need to REcreate new positive behaviour which can only be done through reprogramming while working in the Alpha frequency.

A horse's psyche is based on his sense of self worth with any negative aspects being revealed in their behaviour and performance...
Every horse/human relationship is unique with “problems” arising mainly through a lack of understanding. We recognize that our horse’s behaviour is the sum total of his life experiences created by human so it makes sense that by working in the same “Alpha, natural” world of the horse we can then erase these experiences. As a result we close the gap between our world and his and are on the same page to resolve any “language” barriers
 Holistequine Equine profiling enables us to see "through the eyes of the horse"
A horse owner or prospective owner will often call in a veterinarian to do a check on their horse to ascertain its physical health but how does one ascertain the psychological "soundness" of a horse particularly if that horse's full history is not known?
Profiling is a service that takes a deeper look at the relationship between horse and human, offering a holistic (body, mind and spirit) approach to every horse owner who wants to be “at one” with their horse
 As we know often the slightest thing can set off a fight/flight reaction in our horse for this reason the Holistequine WBI system works to reprogram the cellular memory and create new positive neural pathways resulting in new positive behaviour.......... it connects the soul of the rider with the Spirit of the horse
This concept is part of the Holistequine holistic approach to horsemanship.
Equine Profiling involves a thorough assessment of your horse combining a profound understanding of the psychological needs of the horse together with a practical set of exercises to re-establish confidence and trust.
The Holistequine Practitioner is able to "read between the lines" and give a valuable evaluation of the horse's overall mental state. It is a holistic approach and a way of offering solutions to any health or behavioural problems the horse may be experiencing.
Horse profiling takes an insightful look into the horse's psyche. Through an appreciation of the needs of the horse (developed over years of study and research) and by reassessing the horse’s behaviour we patch together an understanding of some of the missing psychological aspects of the horse's past experiences: exposing factors that are often the cause of unwillingness, behavioural problems and even health issues.
Over the years we have integrated many horses into our established herd and have seen what it takes for each to gain confidence, independence, self esteem and courage. This has given us a model for understanding the "self worth" needs of the horse.
A confident horse is a safe horse.
How it works
Equine Profiling represents a deeper look into the horse's mind to ascertain the horse's level of self esteem which has a direct bearing on his/her "willingness to comply", With this new knowledge we then put forward a series of interactive exercises designed to build self esteem in both horse and human to establish new boundaries of trust and respect. The Whole Body Intelligence exercises used in the sessions creates a bridge of communication between the whole energy fields of horse and rider, building on experience while exploring potential.
We offer on-line Profiling and call-out appointments.
Call out Sunshine Coast ...........Cost $75.00 (within 25 kilometre radius of Cooroy) and online..............add $25.00 for travel outside area (within 100 kilometres)
 NOTE: Horse Profiling Assessments can also be completed online.
For Online profiling please go to our website
Equine profile assessments are a prerequisite for our online horse courses
See our products page for Equine Assisted Therapy Courses - Practitioner training