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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Equine Assisted Life Coaching sessions and workshops TBA

After many years working as a one on one "human" practitioner I found that the personal journey I was doing with my own team of horses was getting better results. I noticed that the horses imparted a sense of inner strength and well being, how they communicated a feeling of a spiritual connection and how as a herd they taught me serenity and wisdom. As we began to build our life coaching methods I realised that working through the resonance of horses was trans-personal, that communication bypassed the emotional body and we were able to get to the essence of a person. I even noticed how minor ailments and negative thoughts lifted after being with the horses"lilly

Our methods are now offered in a variety of programs and workshops (listed) and in Holistequine practitioner training 

 We believe that horses and animals (and indeed all of Nature) hold a Universal wisdom that; once we tap into can give us the clues to heal and transform our lives.

In both our equine and "all of life" coaching programs we learn how to open our intuitive channels so that we can then 'read" what these mirrors are trying to tell us and in doing this we open to the Universal Intelligence that connects all beings.

We will explore how specifically horses are mirrors to our own untapped spirit and are mediums for the Universal thread of unconditional love that weaves thoughout all lifeforms and how through a series of simple interactive exercises we also can open to this intelligence.

And we will also see first hand how the special vibration or our Equine Assisted Life Coaching horses are facilitating human personal growth

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching

Everything happens for a reason and when we can understand those reasons we have Self mastery

In our life coaching programs we see that the clues to life are all around us and that we have called the "solutions" into our lives as mirrors in the form of people, animals and life situations............ we then just need to know how to interpret them                           
Our aim is to have Self worth and to claim our potential and in the process be happy, healthy and wise. In these programs we will learn how to do this by reading life's roadmap to overcome every day challenges. We will explore the many tools that are available to help us navigate our path on this often bumpy road. With the help of our horses and Nature we will use tools like soul centred astrology, numerology and metaphysics to understand how the dysfunctional energy in our chakras affects our health and spiritual well being.....
We will see how we compromise our self worth by buying into someone else’s fear, by wanting to be liked, by lowering our vibration to fit into someone else’s idea of how we should act. We even see how by elevating our vibration we can overcome illnesses and dis-ease.

The good news is that as we begin to claim our true selves and move from being social animals in a global sense to Universal beings we claim our spiritual self worth and we begin to fit in everywhere!!!.................then as the acknowledgement comes of “WHO I AM’ we feel an amazing shift of energy 
The trilogy of healing
As Naturopaths we can help heal the physical body. As counsellors and life coaches we help nourish the emotional and mental body but it is the gift of working through the oracle of Nature and animals and by understanding “all of life” that it can become a source of wisdom to nourish and heal the Spirit.
We are all on our own version of a journey through life, a journey to reclaim our original state of being. However to navigate our way home we need to open our map.
Knowledge is power and by understanding the metaphysical factors of what our life is trying to “tell us” we can crack the code.
When we can see life through the lens of the big picture we will have no fear of the little one

Holistequine's next workshop is to be advised

During these workshops you will be able to experience the wisdom of our life coaching horses and also "feel" the integration happening within you as they tap you into your own inner guidance to get through these challenging times ahead.

The horse has a natural balance of love with authority and therefore helps us deal with our personal issues of fear, self doubt, control and the need to be “perfect” ...........and they do this in a fun gentle way

As we become increasingly more sensitive to everything and everyone around us we will need to have a better grasp of non verbal communication skills so that our signals are not confusing and upsetting to others.

We often “feel” another person or animal’s "emotions" like they were our these workshops our horses provide the insights for us to understand these "emotions" and positively change the way we communicate them out to the world

They show us how our negative emotions can weaken our persona, how feelings of doubt, guilt, fear etc can have a negative effect on everyone around us often without us even realising it. The good news is that with a symbiotic exchange of energy they can also empower our energy field and change the "vibe" we put our to the world

Empowerment is the ability for us to walk our truth with an equal amount of love and authority so as to get the equal amount of love and respect from others in return.

Equine Assisted Life Coaching is a process that sharpens our innate intuitive tools.for us to achieve our goals and become empowered



Walking our Talk............Communicating the wisdom of our Higher Self

Trusting the communication through our Higher Self  to provide the tools for the Transition.
The Holistequine October and November workshops will lead us into our December Event. ‘Awakening to the Devine Feminine” 
During our October workshop we will work with the energy of this full Sagitarius moon in Taurus leading up to the November total lunar eclipse. The esoteric symbolism of the total lunar eclipse is that the form, or the physical, emotional and lower mind, is eclipsed by the light of the Sun, the Soul, or True Self”.........enabling us to TRST
It is easy to trust when everything is going our way,not so easy though as we face life's challenges........the key then is to understand our problems AS the solution to then trust in our own personal "big picture" messages

If our life is not going to plan it is often because we are unknowingly sabotaging our efforts with old programs and beliefs from the past........during a session our Holistequine life coaching horse “reads” this “information” sitting in our subconscious mind, and when we too see our "problem" merely as “energy” we stop taking it personally and easily clear it.....we then just need is to be shown how to develop decisive, clear communication skills, the basis for all successful relationships.p1050391
 When we appreciate that about 90% of the way we interact with others is through NON verbal communication then it is obvious we need to find better tools if we want to be happy. This especially applies to relationships between men and women, here our horses teach us to respect the differences between the male and female brain and we learn to detach from our emotions.
Without realising it we are all sensitive to these non verbal “cues” from others, for example we may “feel” anger or frustration coming across from someone but because it sits unexpressed within their “energy field”  and they may be “saying” something else we confused and don’t know how to deal with it
This subconscious language includes facial expressions, tone of voice, posture etc and represents the true feeling, intention and sincerity of a person i.e. the cues we really respond to...believing not so much with what people say.
When we introduce these new skills ourselves we are then on the front foot to avoid confrontation, we know what the other person is really communicating and as a result we build better relationships generally.
The Holistequine horses show us that the key to success is to balance the head with the heart, logic with unconditional love
It is not always easy to “say what we mean and mean what we say”, to be 100% confident that what we “want to get across” is going to be “heard” by others in a positive way and not misinterpreted as something else. Conflicts arise because we all “interpret” words differently through our own personal emotional filters.
Horses are masters of non verbal communication; they need these skills to survive. Because of this they demonstrate clearly how we too can trust a new way of “walking our higher truth”, feeling safe in the knowledge that we have “expressed ourselves” with the right amount of love AND authority....knowing that we have imparted our needs through our new internal Self worth and that our point of view is respected.
Our problem goes as we clean our own “emotional slate” and learn to communicate through our right brain. This Higher Self OR intuitive brain that IS NON verbal communication has taken stock of the big picture and gets its point across after taking into account everyone’s highest good. She is then able to speaks her truth through the powerful energy field of “who she is”
In our November workshop the horses go on to show us how to balance our internal masculine and feminine energy and how in doing this we can communicate with our own Spirit and begin to create our own reality.
Cost...........I day $150.00, 2 day $275 (lunch provided)



Harnessing the Full Moon energy................Empowerment for Women Workshop Sept. 1st 2012


To be "empowered" is both an attitude and a state of mind however in order to be “in our power” and operate as the “iron fist in the kid glove” we need to reassess and balance a new feminine sense of “worth” and release any negative emotions that are holding us back.


The good news is that through our special Holistequine horses we can empower ourselves with a simple energetic clearing process. This is achieved because our horses, having had all their own baggage cleared then act as pure mirrors to show us who we really are.

Once we claim this inner power we change not only the relationship we have with ourselves but all the relationships around us as well
With the arrival of the Aquarian energy we have completed many long cycles of human spiritual development and will feel the influence of this new incoming “2” energy of completion however before we can move forward and create a successful version of “who we want to be” we will need to reassess some old ideas of “who we thought we were”.
As women most of us have attempted to measure up to an image of the “perfect woman”, a person that should be everything to everybody.
It is an outdated symbolic figure floating around in every woman’s subconscious mind, a figure that needs to be dusted off and re-evaluated as it is eroding our sense of self worth and undermining us at every level of our being.
The new version believes that………… it is what we do with and how we overcome the pitfalls and adversities in life that is the measure of our real intrinsic worth.
The Universe’s idea of perfection is judged by our intention; by our willingness to have a strong but loving approach to life.
If our intention is pure and we are not afraid to admit to and learn from our mistakes then we are perfect.
 Our life is about choices, leaving us to discern and create only positive experiences for our future and ideally not be held back by judgement of our past……in doing this we can then learn to live harmoniously.
Connecting with the horses will reset a new level of personal power and give us a 10/10 as the new perfect woman; but still leaving room for growth through humility.
We believe that perfection is defined by our intention to be the best we can be

Maximising human potential through the spirit of the horse



"Solution" Focused Life Coaching Workshops.........meeting the Challenges of our Changing World.
2012 and Beyond, moving from Mediocrity to Meaning


 Holistequine is proud to announce a series of “Solutions” workshops and sessions which provide the practical tools to meet the challenges of our changing times. The interactive exercises you will do with our equine life coaches aim to balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain which then allows an alignment of both emotional, IQ and Spiritual intelligence. p1010073
Spiritual Intelligence opens a doorway for us to co-create our future, IQ gives us the expertise to make it happen and emotional intelligence is the "glue" we need to ground it all and be able to express ourselves with compassion and unconditional love.
Once this is achieved you will be balanced in your life generally and you will be in a place where you will be in “control” and able to set healthy boundaries. You will then walk a middle ground between selfless and selfish, go from fear to faith and from anger to inner peace.

The Holistequine horses are our “people whisperers” who provide experiential learning situations and inspire sustainable positive life changes..............your growth becomes exponential through learning about yourself your relationships with others and your cosmic heritage.  
The objective is to raise your personal “vibration” and in doing this you raise the essence of “who you are” resulting in a positive effect on everything and everyone around you. Having unlocked the coding of your spiritual potential through the “Whole Body Intelligence©” system you begin to understand and conquer the “subconscious” (which includes all the negativity presently holding you back) and you will have a higher sense of Self worth and find meaning in your life.
In our busy world we are predominantly under the control of our logical rational mind.  More often than not we have lost the ability to express our truth and to “go with the flow” and if we do get insights and “guidance” we mostly ignore it as irrelevant and untrustworthy. This will need to change if we want to receive the gifts of intuitive intelligence............ because this new “information” along with the ability to co-create our future will only come to us when our right brain is ready to receive.

The workshop is on August 11th and 12th at Cooroy where you will work hands on alongside our horses to find your own solutions from within, providing the tools and reference points that will equip you for ‘2012 and beyond’.  Cost is $385 for the two days, including lunch on both days. 
To actively be a part of your Solution journey give Veronica a call on 07 55425353 (or Sue on 0406 545652).  As this is an experiential workshop participating numbers will be limited. 
Prior horse experience is not necessary.

Holistequine holds private and group sessions, workshops in many areas of the wellness industry (see below) and EALC practitioner training

Private EALC Sessions  

The Holistequine WBI System can help in the following areas............

Personal Growth/Self esteem

Corporate- Leadership & Teambuilding

Eating Disorders


Anger Management

Troubled Youth

School and Workplace Bullying

Relationship counselling

Conscious Spiritual Growth

Career Guidance                                                                                                          

Developing Children's Potential

Positive Parenting


    Cost of Programs:

    • Private sessions (initial assessment)
      Initial visit cost $135.00 for approx. 2 hours, then followup visits cost $75.00 per session for 1  hour
    • Group sessions (up to 6 people)
      initial first visit cost $75.00 for 2 hours, then 6 week (block) course cost $65 per week for approx. 1 1/2hours
    • Issue specific Life Coaching Sessions
      see categories i.e. Relationships & Parenting
    • Practitioner Training in Equine Assisted Life Coaching (Equine Assisted Therapy)..................see Products Page




Most people are aware of the benefits of human life coaches but few have experienced the unique qualities that the horse brings to this field of personal development. ...................Interacting with our equine friends takes Life Coaching up to an exciting new level.

The reason that working with the horse in these sessions is so powerfull and life changing is because (unlike a human practitioner) the horse does not have "emotional baggage" therefore he/she bypasses our emotions and only "deals with" the energy of our potential.................they teach us to primarily focus on where we are going not "where we have been"

Our "Whole Body Intelligence" system has been developed into a series of exercises with the horse to build a person's confidence, trust and self esteem so that they are able to take control back and claim their purpose in life

One of the most important aspects missinghe importance of having healthy emotional intelligence is now becoming widely accepted as we are realising that it is not enough just to have good academic skills alone. To be successful in life we also need to establish healthy relationships with others. When we can use our logic and our intuition in balance we have integrated our emotions. This new feeling of pesonal power not only has a positive flow on affect in both our workplace and personal relationships but in our outlook on life generally.


Equine Assisted Life Coaching is a unique interactive technique to improve wellbeing and explore human potential. It was created after many years of  working on a daily basis with horses and seeing how, in order to gain their trust and respect we must "match" the horses level of determination, commitment and strength. We soon realised that as we integrated this "mirror"  of energy we then consciously make it part of our new persona and are able to navigate our way through life more skillfully......... all because we have taken on the same inner qualities as our horse.



E.A.L.C. is Personal Growth with Horses and is a form of Equine Assisted Therapy

Workshops in EALC can also be arranged for anyone interested in a career in Equine Assisted Life Coaching (Equine Assisted Therapy) and for horse lover's general information

The success of horses in life coaching is gaining in populatiry and every person working with a horse in equine assisted life coaching.will have their own unique approach. The reason we continue to fly under the banner of Equine Assisted Life Coaching instead of Equine Assisted Therapy is that we prefer to only focus on POTENTIAL

 Unlike a human life coach the horse life coach sees straight through all the excuses, fears and doubts we may have about ourselves and demands our very best but conversly they also provide a loving, compassionate environment to make the necessary changes............... taking the client to a new level of self esteem, inner strength and  mental fitness which then can be transated into everyday life

The Holistequine trained horse becomes the catalyst for human physical, emotional and mental fitness and wellbeing.

Holistequine (Hol’-IST-equine) offers ground-breaking new programs that allow us to take a fresh look at not only how we see ourselves but how we "see" and react to the world around us.

The Whole Body Intelligence System gives us an interactive system for personal growth, valuable new tools and the courage to treat life as an exciting adventure. It teaches that all intelligence is connected and that when we understand and learn how to interact within this connection the world becomes a safer, more harmonious place in which to live.

Through our horse life coach not only do we find the joy to become co-creative (and not co-dependant in all of our relationships) but we also create the energy or willpower to fuel our dreams.

What an Equine Life Coach can do for his/her client

  • Our horse allows us to claim that trusting, serene, powerful being that lies within every human heart
  • Our horse life coach does not have emotional "buttons" therefor he/she offers us a clear mirror for us to deal with our own emotions
  • Dealing with our emotions allows us to improve our emotional intelligence which means that every aspect of our life works harmoniously
  • Our equine coach allows us to see the "mental in- fighting" that goes on daily within every human mind. These self doubts become a distraction that weakens our whole energy field and stop us from reaching our potential
  • A horse Life Coach does not second guess his every move so his positive approach will help you to not only set goals but will then help you manifest the ENERGY to activate them.
  • The W.B.I. system helps you re-evaluate your life from a new perspective letting go of often "hidden" negative patterns of behaviour
  • The W.B.I. program helps you clear the ego or persona to see yourself as primarily a "being of energy"
  • Helps you to understand what you want out of life
  • It helps ascertain not only your obvious talents but also your subliminal potential
  • Enables you to see that unless you are fulfilling your purpose in life, life will become meaningless and superficial.
  • Takes you step by step through the human energy centres so as to clarifies problems, goals and aspirations.
  • Then takes you to the level of ENERGY you need to obtain your goals.

A horse as your personal trainer: how does that work?

Your equine Life Coach will take you through a series of physical exercises as part of the program, this will prepare the physical body and align with your new, more powerful mindset.

The method works on two fronts. First it sets out to balance the left and right brain or emotional I.Q with mental I.Q. i.e. what we THINK we do, as against seeing what we REALLY do. During the exercises it then 'cements" this new program  by releasing the Kundalini energy up through the lower chakras.


The Holistequine Equine Life Coaching Program guides the client to become a more powerful version of "themselves". These interactive programs work directly on the client's energy field to help clear any negative programming or patterns. During these simple exercises with an equine coach the client is given the tools to then go on to achieve their life goals.

Life is constantly evolving and from a materialistic viewpoint one only has to look at modern technology to appreciate the rapid rate of our intellectual development....... In contrast the development of our feeling, intuitive facility or right brain is lagging behind and has been sadly neglected. Due to this imbalance many of our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves are suffering.

Most of us are still operating (at a subconscious level) from outdated programs inherited from our parents and their parents and their parent's parents with a lot of these negative patterns causing havock in our lives. We need to delete these outmoded patterns and rewrite the program; a new program that aligns material wealth with Spiritual wealth.

How Equine Life Coaching Works

Every living thing is made up of  pulsating electro-magnetic energy however as part of a technological world we are being bombarded with external electro magnetic energy daily which has a negative effect on our own personal energy.

Unfortunately our emotions also affect our personal energy. Negative emotions weaken us while positive emotions strengthen us. The common problem is that we are mostly unaware of when and how we are being weakened by these invisible forces. During the course of our day negative experiences are having an influence upon us, they weaken our energy field leaving us not only feeling somehow inferior and angry but they also hinder us from reaching our goals. With Equine Assisted Life Coaching we bypass this emotional state and work at the energetic level. The horse has identified these weak spots within our aura and we can look at our negative emotions from a different angle and can see them from the adult perspective dealing with them accordingly.

Once we see ourselves as beings of energy and work at this level we can go on to actually change and integrate this new sense of self.

During the interactive sessions the Holistequine horse teaches us not to take anything personally. When we cease taking things personally we can no longer have out buttons pushed and react negatively in a given situation.

The program assists the client in 3 areas:

  1. It helps the client first, to work out what they want from life or define their goals (this is extremely useful as the horse knows or senses if the client is unsure of what they want or if what they unknowingly desire something buried at a sub conscious level).
  2. If our goals are in alignment with our "path" and our intention is valid the Holistequine horse will see this as a positive energy field (10/10) and will react positively, however if our goals are not in alignment he will show us this too. That is he reads what the clients "self worth meter" is registering at.
  3. After assessing the horses reaction to the client we then go on to find out where there are any blockages hindering success. We will also be able to identify at what level of consciousness the block is present.
  4. Achieving the desired outcome is then often as simple as reassessing the clients old patterns of belief. We replace this with a new intention, new information and a new mindset

The amazing fact about this work is that once the client has reached a new setting of their "power meter" it never leaves them. The proof presents it'self in the positive reactions from those around them.

Unlike any other life coaching the Holistequine tailored programs gives the clients the willpower, confidence and ability to obtain his or her own personal goals, not just from the usual "intellectual" viewpoint but also from a "feeling" perspective.... The experience of interacting with an Equine Life Coach somehow changes us. The dynamics of this interchange within energy fields can be better understood by reading the information on Entrainment.

As we take on the horses qualities of strength, gentleness and authority the horse gradually changes his response to us as we work through our issues. We begin to change "who we are" at the core solar plexus level, which is at the level of inner strength and willpower. These changes are then taken into other areas of our lives and we find that all of our relationships start to change for the better.

Why use an Equine Life Coach?

  • The reason this concept is so successful is that the Equine Life Coach takes the client to a level of wellbeing that a human facilitator cannot, The horse is much more demanding and honest not only with his own family but also with his "clients"
  • W.B.I is transpersonal. With a human life coaching partner you are limited by their ego interpretations. Horses have NO ego
  • The Holistequine method takes you to a level of fitness whereby first and foremost fitness, strength and willpower is established at the level of MIND. (If fitness was just limited to the physical body then top athletes would always be healthy wouldn't they?).
  • Through our work we have come to the understanding that health and fitness are also affected by the mental, spiritual and emotional level
  • Our Equine Coach "reads" the energy field and sees any problems and blockages that lie just below the surface.
  • When he sees these blockages ( low energy field) he will not respond to us positively.
  • After we read the information coming from the horse our human Life Coach then makes the necessary suggestions to clear the negative thought processes responsible for the blockage. We then get an instant response from the horse
  • The horse serves us unconditionally
  • We cannot fool him. He knows all our weaknesses
  • He is a true mirror to our personality
  • He is the one true catalyst for you to reach your full potential.
  • His credentials are impeccable having sorted through any dysfunctional behaviour within his own family unit

Equine Life Coaching was developed over 20 years of understanding horse communication and social interaction (the pecking order). What makes a head horse, a leader of the herd? Animals obviously do not communicate the way we do. They communicate by body language and by "reading" energy fields, a weak energy field equates to a weak individual. A strong energy field is a leader. The question then arose "So how do we strengthen our own energy field" and become a leader ourselves? The secret lies in us seeing ourselves the way the horse sees himself.

Our horses have gone through years of psychological training before they are ready to become Life Coaches. We have to know and trust them implicitly. They cannot be manipulated and they dispense discipline with strength and serenity.

While developing these programs we have not only gained an understanding of the horse but also how he can change and enrich our own lives. He holds a very high ethic and passes on to us his qualities of strength, trust, serenity and being centred. When we have met his criteria we are well on our way to having our own powerful life experiences..

The key to the success of this Holistequine program lies in the fact that all work is done on the ground and in the Alpha ( brain wave) state. This is the level that nature and animals naturally vibrate at and is a state where healing takes place and experiences are integrated.

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit to reach our full potential

In helping the individual client fulfil his or her goals our classes cover these three aspects of Self:

  • The Physical
    Interacting with the horse includes a series of activities to improve overall general fitness, we focus on all of the chakras but especially the Solar Plexus Centre. Pilate and other exercise regimes work on the same area to establish core strength and stability thereby activating and strengthening the deep abdominal muscles. Holistequine takes this process a step further by not only working on the deep transverse abdominal muscles but by also unlocking the secrets of the solar plexus energy centre which is the seat of a person’s personal power. This then helps us to understand and clear the blocks (problems) that are preventing our wellbeing and happiness.
  • Mental and Emotional Work-out:
    The Holistequine horse acts as a bio-feedback mechanism, the facilitator "reads" this information and we explain and then allow you to experience how thoughts affect emotions and how in turn this affect the physical body . Because the area of personal power is under the control of the solar plexus chakra we investigate how strength in the abdominal area is related to the core issues of how a person feels about themselves, that is, their self-image.
    Any dysfunction here can also, if left untended result in disease further down the track.
    After working with the horse any energy block he perceives you have will be mirrored back to us during the session. He will not willingly work with you until you have cleared the issue. Amazingly enough, once the problem is identified and corrected he responds accordingly. It is brilliant in it's simplicity.
    Blockages in the solar plexus centre can also indicate that a person is suppressing and not acting on gut feelings and intuition. Because the horse acts solely on this apparatus (instinct) he can successfully put us on the right track to use our energy ( personal power) wisely.
  • The Role of the horse in human personal growth and development:
    Because we place the horse amongst one of the most highly evolved animals within the animal kingdom he (together with a trained human facilitator) becomes the principal teacher and role model in this interactive work. At Holistequine our trained horses replace the human extended family and teach us to hold the principals and qualities that we need to be powerful in our life.
    Quote: "when, today, in our regimented, technological world, ever more people are being drawn to horses it is not because they see the horse as one more piece of sports equipment, or yet another leisure- time toy, but rather, I am convinced, it is because they intuitively recognize that the horse can show them a pathway into a world to which all other avenues seem to be closed."
    (Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling from his book "Dancing with Horses")

Become the adventurer in your own life story with Holistequine’s Equine Assisted Life Coaching (personal and professional) Programs and online horse courses

In today’s society we are in danger of becoming so fear based that we are missing out on experiencing the positive facets of life. Life is becoming so serious and intense that we are losing our sense of joy.

We are reluctant to take on that new job, cautious in a new relationship, suspicious of strangers. Why is this when we are meant to be enjoying the journey that these new experiences open up for us?

Our fears need to be brought out into the open, to be reassessed and put into a new perspective.

Fear, as a vital component of the fight/ flight mechanism has always been an instrument of our survival, a memory of past events that keeps us from future danger, unfortunately it has not only had a positive effect and kept us safe but to it’s detriment this fear reaction is in danger of stifling our growth, destroying our spirit and it is in danger of controlling our lives. So how do we integrate both the mechanism for survival and also rediscover our sense of adventure and let our spirit soar? One way to change the old patterns of fear and to reintroduce the qualities of strength, courage and high self esteem is to be found through (on the ground) interaction with the Holistequine horses.

Horses are primarily animals of fight/flight and during the sessions they mirror back to us this basic instinct in ourselves. With the help of the facilitator we can then go on to identify and dispel the personal fears that are holding the client back.

We can do this in a fun non threatening way by working with our horses. Our horses have the patience the love and the ability to trust in themselves and they can teach us to do the same. With their help we learn to balance the two aspects of ourselves, the side of us that wants to take a leap into the unknown together with the cautious side that makes us doubt ourselves and talks us out of taking chances.

We learn trust in ourselves to become power based not fear based and then make decisions accordingly.

The Holistequine client will develop a strong sense of “who they are” or sense of positive ego. They will believe in themselves and have develop ambition. The Holistequine system will then provide the tools for discernment where they will learn to balance the sense of “me” with a consideration for the “other” and with this new perspective they will enjoy their successes. They will find the light that shines within.

The Holistequine horses act as mirrors and role models during this work. Somehow, by osmosis the interactive exchanges with our horses alters and strengthens our own energy field and we become able to powerfully transform our lives.

With Holistequine Equine Assisted Therapy and Life Coaching we become the adventurer in our own life story, the "hero in our novel".

The client will not only learn to understand their fear (unfounded anxieties) and overcome them but also learn to have faith (a belief in ourselves). From this perspective every relationship in life becomes harmonious.


NOTE: Equine Assisted Life Coaching or Equine Assisted TherapyTraineeships are held at Nerang on the Gold Coast or can be completed as an online horse course which involves training with your own horse(s).
The Holistequine method of holistic Equine Assisted Life Coaching triggers our inner wisdom so that we become our own healer



NOTE: To become an Equine Assisted Life Coach (Equine Assisted Therapy) a trainee will need to complete their training on site or Tthrough an on line horse course.

  • Equine Assisted Therapy Training
  • Equine Assisted Therapy Courses