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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Equine Facilitated Life Coaching for Successful Relationships

Every human being is unique. We are all individuals with different opinions, ideas and emotional responses expressed through the emotional filters of our own experiences

It is these differences that often cause conflict not only within ourselves but conflict with others who may not share our views.

Psychologists say that we are all "two people", that to varying degrees we all have split personalities. This means that we are constantly trying to balance this "conflict of who we are" within our minds and understand any inconsistency within the duality of our thoughts and actions.


This duality being the case we then ask the question "If we do not have a good sense of "self" how can we go on to have successful relationships with others"

Conflict can also be seen within relationships/marriage through lack of communication, this is often caused through an inability to express one's self effectively leaving a person feeling frustrated and lacking self worth

Because our horse life coach has the 2 principals of Love with Authority (masculine and feminine) strongly balanced they can help us to reconnect those missing elements within our own "split personality"


 The Holistequine philosophy is that we are all ONE and that we often project our feeling onto others (and conversely invite people situations etc into our lives with similar issues) in order to resolve them

A client will come to a session in Equine Assisted Therapy and subconsciously choose a horse to "mirror" their particular issues. The process allows the client to work through these challenging people/events on an "energetic' level with the horse (minus the emotional element) so that they can resolve the problems and become "whole" individuals and be at peace with the world.


The Holistequine Whole Body Intelligence System is a method to "Know Thyself" then as we get a sense of inner peace the conflict within goes

To gain a better understanding of our relationships we need a better understanding of ourselves. The horse gives us a new sense of what boundaries are and how to set new boundaries for others............ not with conflict but with unconditional love..

As we connect energetically with our horse through our feeling centres  we begin to see ourselves primarily as "whole energy fields" we then understand that .............where we direct our energy our Love will follow.

How to change from being co- dependent to being co-creative in your relationships.

Because Equine Life Coaching or (Equine Assisted Therapy) works at the higher level beyond our emotions it can help a client with most problems

Successful Relationships

We invite people into our lives with the intent of forming a positive interactive exchange; to have a relationship that will not only enhance our own life but the other person's life as well.

When we meet someone we see the potential of a harmonious relationship with that person but to achieve that union can be a major challenge.

We must aspire to what we perceive as their positive qualities and vise versa.

In these interactive sessions we connect with the positive qualities of the horse such as strength, honesty and courage and by osmosis they then become part us


Holistequine is a new and unique training method. It is a method whereby the relationship between the horse and the human is used as a bio-feedback mechanism; a model to "mirror" back and make the necessary changes to our own image .


The horse becomes the teacher and the human becomes the student. He/she teaches us through example.

Through the WBI exercises the horse begins to plug us in to our own inner power and we can begin to change our understanding of "who we are".

We re-acquaint ourselves with a lost intuitive inner power ( our real strength) that was once handed down through the females in the family, an inner gift that has been missing during more recent times.

When we are able to speak our truth and be our power our horse reacts positively to our changes and we can then use this as a reference point to take out into the world

Parenting Courses

Powerful Parenting through Ponies

It takes "energy" to be a parent. With so many distractions, stresses and keeping up with life in general there is often very little energy left over for parents to enforce discipline within a family. Horses in a herd do not have this problem therefore our EALC horse show us how to remedy this. They not only show us how to be effective to parent with a balance of authority and love but they also give us a reference point for us to be able to HOLD the this level of energy in order for our children to trust and respect us and comply to our wishes.

There is now a dangerous trend happening in our schools, families and society in general. We are seeing the repercussions of a lack of discipline. We are seeing what happens when there are no boundaries or no consequences of actions

After many years observing the interaction of our own herd we realised that the horse families could teach us a thing or two about discipline and successful social interaction. The elders of the herd always hold an ENERGY that demands respect and trust. They do not need to display anger or aggression, they demonstrate passive leadership with authority and love.

After years of training and observing horse/human interaction we have now put together programs that use the horse as a role model and we can now understand the dynamics of energy within all relationships, within all species:

  • Relationships
  • Husband / wife
  • Child / parent
  • Co-workers
  • Siblings etc.

For too long now positive relationships between – husbands and wives, parents and children, co-workers, siblings and friends have been eroding.

They are being destroyed from a lack of understanding of the dynamics of ENERGY ( or power) and an inability of knowing how to use that power wisely.

From the Holistequine perspective we see that the horse, within its own community never experiences destructive relationships; only till death do they part.

Having an understanding of the dynamics (and application) of ENERGY then becomes a huge advantage towards knowing how to have a successful relationship with anyone.

We have observed that basically, a lack of energy i.e. tiredness and lack of motivation is largely due to low self worth or self esteem; a self image that can be changed very simply during these interactive classes.

For parents, working with a horse is akin to working with a 250 kilo.4 year old child who wants his/her own way. The difference is the horse can show you (by the way he responds to your requests) how much you need to change your own powerbase to get the desired result. You then take this more powerful sense of "who you are" home with you and become a more effective authority figure within your own situation i.e. with children/ husband/ workmates etc..

We have discovered that when we reassess our so called problem and see it from this new energy perspective we then just need to change our intention and it all falls into place!.

Holistequine is so effective because it increases the energy field of the participant permanently.

"The horse helps us connect to that part of ourselves that “knows from the heart” which is different from knowing something intellectually. When we know something from the heart it changes who we are, we integrate it and become it.................the changes then stay with us forever."

While interacting with the horse our facilitator will demonstrate to you the basic dynamics of energy within relationships. You will then be able to easily identify weaknesses and strengths within your own family, marriage or workplace unit. At Holistequine we have found that we are all desperately trying to change and work through our issues, the problem is we often do not know what issues are causing us grief let alone do anything about them. The Holistequine method enables us to identify the often buried negative programs ruining our lives and change them. The technique is simply because it bypasses the emotional state dealing directly with where the root of the problem lies, that is at the Energetic level.

Healing Relationships – Here we learn how to change "power over" or "powerless" to inner power, expressed as wisdom and love. These classes are demonstration or light interaction only. While working with the horse we begin to "know ourselves" (our inner self) and we are then able to go on to express our true feelings to friends and colleges.

Bullying is a big issue in our society today, be it in the workplace or schoolyard. At Holistequine we take the judgment out of the equation and explain bullying for what it attempt by each individual to find a positive place in a social hierachy. Through our work with the horses we have come to understand that bullying is, just energy/emotions trying to find a balance. Seen in this light bullying is now not labelled as either good nor bad it is just seen as misunderstood behaviour. We are then able to reassess the problem from a more enlightened perspective and correct it.

Holistequine offer private or group classes that aim to improve relationships and parenting skills. The programs are also effective as pre -parenting and pre- marriage classes.

Held on site Cooroy Sunshine Coast S.E.Qld

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