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"Switching" to the frequency of Self Healing

We now know that our genes can be turned off and on and that they are activated by "switches" so instead of saying "it's all in our genes' we can also now say "it's all on top of our genes" ...and wi [ ... ]

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How horses can help us align to the new feminine

 “Violence against women”...a new perspective.... Our new consciousness will allow us to see  “violence against women” in a different light in that men AND women carry BOTH masculine (stron [ ... ]

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Mind-Body Medicine


Holistequine's aim is to provide an understanding of the mind body connection and to establish a balance between our emotional, mental and spiritual health 


Humans have two conflicting aspects of "Self" represented by our intellect (left brain) and our emotional intelligence (right brain)...........and because we are out of our natural state of being ie. universal Oneness these two aspects are mostly perceived as separate. 

In our system of Equine Assisted Life Coaching the horses take us to a new level of higher consciousness, they become the catalyst for merging these perceived states of separation.........

It is a simple philosophy of bringing these 2 sides of our personality/ polarities together so that we are living in Oneness

Everything in nature is affected by the Law of Polarities and is represented as Yin/Yang, electro/magnetic, light/dark, passive/active acid/alkaline, work/play, etc....However as we come to the end of many huge cycles of human evolution everything is trying to find a balance

There is order in the Universe.

To achieve harmony in our lives,experienced as mental well-being and a healthy body these two principals or elements of "as above so below" need to be aligned. In other words we need to comply not only to the basic laws of nature but adopt the Universal Laws as a way of life if we want to move through the changes ahead

After studying Alternative Medicine and Metaphysics and having an understanding of the wellness industry my belief is that we do not have to make "health" so complicated. In fact the more we work within these basic laws and understand the principals of Whole Body Intelligence we begin to see how simple being healthy can be.

We have found that balancing emotional intelligence E.Q. with left brain intelligence I.Q. is as vital to our emotional and mental health as a balance of acid/alkaline or PH is to our physical well being.

If we consider humans "beings" or the personality self to be within an electro-magnetic energy field we can expand the influence of this electro-magnetic field to take in the "blueprint" level of our DNA. How many times have we had a problem or dis-ease resolve only to have it reccur months or years later. Often the reason for this is that although we have temporarily "fixed" the problem "LOCALLY" we have not addressed the underlying cause (that is at the higher/causative level of our energy field) in the first instance.

As a community we spend millions of dollars annually on health care, drugs, medical research, hospitalisation and disease prevention. These areas of health cost us dearly; however as a community after spending all of this money we seem to be no better off.

To improve this situation we need to seriously start incorporating preventative medicine and positive modalities offered by the holistic wellness industry into mainstream medicine.

There is a strong belief within the alternative health industry that any physical symptom that present it's self has first been a "dis-ease" at a higher level within the body's energy field or (either at the emotional, mental or spiritual level) If the early warning signs have been ignored and no changes to our attitudes, thinking or lifestyle are made then this "dis-ease" will "fester" within the body.....if energy cannot be expressed is often internalised 

Or, putting it another way; when we are not living our lives to our fullest potential in spirit and listening to our hearts, our body will react negatively.

Over the past 18 years as a natural therapist I have noticed a strong sense of how spending time with animals and nature improves our wellbeing both mentally and physically......this is because we are vibrating at an Alpha frequency

With this in mind we have developed this new modality of healing to support the cause of preventative medicine so that we can LIVE PERMANENTLY in the Alpha state. E.A.L.C involves working with horses as a medium for Mind/Body medicine (whereas All of Life Coaching uses the same principals but uses other mediums/frequencies besides the horse). We are now starting to understand how the energy field of the horse elicits this response (see Entrainment).

It could be that the horse resonates with a higher frequency, remember that the horse has been part of our evolution and has served mankind unconditionally for centuries and we know that spending time with the animals and indeed all of Nature somehow by osmosis heals us.

Holistequine is a modality within Equine Assisted Therapy and involves working with the horse as a mirror to uncover the often unknown root cause of a problem be it emotional, mental or a physical ailment. Even if the client does not know what the cause of the problem is the horse can help as he "sees" the void in the clients energy field and relays this (by way of his response) to a facilitator.

Change your Attitude and Change your Disease

As a Naturopath and Metaphysician I came to realise that because disease is mostly created through negative thought patterns often inherited or established in childhood, the mechanism for changing this situation is often as simple as changing one's attitude. The horse sees any negative patterns (in the form of energy fields around us) and, by his reaction to us brings these issues to the surface for reassessment. The dis-ease Cancer, for example can be created from long term resentment of a situation and can also often be detected by animals. Instead of expressing one's self a person may go on for years "keeping quiet for the sake of peace", or "being angry inside but too afraid to speak up". In these cases, when we don't speak our truth, what we are really doing is putting a lid on our energy field (i.e.. our SPIRIT) and, like a volcano it must eventually explode. If we continue to suppress our feelings (internalise our energy) our body will grab our attention another way and that may be by creating a disease in our body. Many physical symptoms are often a wakeup call to look deeper within for what ails us spiritually.

The horse, through his own energy field somehow by osmosis is able to transform our negative energy patterns and we instantly feel better.

Our Philosophy at Holistequine

Philosophy : by definition is - "Love of wisdom or knowledge, especially that which deals with ultimate reality".

At Holistequine we believe this "ultimate reality" is the gift of nature and animals within our own healing process which is the direct effect of the animals energy field.

We believe that, as individuals our ultimate goal of health and happiness is achieved by understanding and clearing our own "energy field". At Holistequine we utilise the horse as a medium to do this work

We also work on the theory that human (beings) are primarily beings of electro-magnetic energy. We are not primarily emotional beings, although our emotions usually rule our lives. The Holistequine programs shows how, by identifying and changing emotions into unconditional love the client is able to put their lives back into perspective and become who they should be -- that is happy healthy, carefree inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

We have become such a fear based society that in order to heal our lives we, as individuals, need to understand the origins of that fear and take back control of our lives. We cannot have faith if we have fear the two cannot coexist

We also believe that we have two choices in life, first where we assume that we are victims in some ghastly soap opera and blame others for our "situation" or, the harder but more rewarding choice is one where we believe that we can take control and create the sort of life we want. However the latter path is difficult as it means that we must take responsibility for everything we are now, have been in the past or will be in the future.

We also believe that every person at any given time is doing their very best and that if "life" is not working for us, i.e.we are ill, depressed, have bad relationships etc. then we only need to reassess certain negative patterns in our lives and make changes. Once we integrate our emotions we can start to take responsibility for who we are and greatly improve our lives.

Our  challenge in doing this work is to tap everyone into their own inner source of wisdom or inner guidance. The process is similar to learning a new language in that the Holistequine method teaches us ( through interaction with the horse OR all of life coaching) to understand and then to trust our intuitive messages and insights. During our classes we find out the root cause of a problem and by reassessing it from a higher perspective give the client the tools to strengthen their power-base thereby eradicating the negative issue. These tools then become permanently available and enable the client to function as happy, healthy individuals.

The Horses role in Human Psychoneuro-immunology

Psychoneuro-immunology is a relatively new field that studies the interaction between the Brain, Nervous System, Endocrine system, Immune System and Behaviour or more simply Mind- Body Medicine. Unfortunately traditional medicine is largely fragmented with each branch being isolated or specialised and therefore unable to contemplate the wider or "holistic" implications of dis-ease.

Another area that interests us here is research findings involving electromagnetic energy fields and the heart-brain connection:

Below is an excerpt from an article by Ken Grimmer " The Thinking Heart":

" Neuro cardiologists have discovered that 60% to 65% of the cells of the heart are actually neural cells, identical to those in the brain, and not muscle cells as previously thought. Yes there literally is a brain in the heart. More than just a "pump", it is an intelligent, thinking organ in continual dialogue with our heads.

The Heart directs all the emotional energies---- We now know that the heart directs all the emotional energies of the brain, communicating with it's sections in particular the limbic or emotional centre. Molecular biologists also reveal the major endocrine glandular structure of the body, producing hormones that profoundly affect the operations of mind, brain and body, including our healing and immune systems.

All life forms radiate electromagnetic fields measurable by scientific instruments. Biophysicists have discovered that the heart produces the body's strongest electromagnetic field with a frequency over 40 times that of the brain. Emitting various radio and light waves, it encompasses the entire body, extending anywhere from twelve to twenty-five feet ( approx. 3-7 meters) beyond it. In other words you are continuously radiating your emotional energies out into the world through your heart. These energies act as a powerful form of non verbal communication." ---

Thank you Ken for your dedicated work!

Working with the horse as a bio-feedback mechanism in Equine Assisted Therapy

Now, how do horses fit into all this? Well from the work we have done at Holistequine over the past 20 years we have come to the conclusion that the horse, having his head and his heart energy fields balanced emits a strong energy field which somehow by osmosis is able to influence and strengthen human fields.

Anything outside of the 5 senses cannot be proven by "science"...this is the realm of the left brain, whereas everything we experience is a function of the right brain

Anyone wishing to study to become a practitioner in this field is invited to contact us.

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A Harvard study in the seventies discovered receptors on our immune cells for neuropeptides. Neuropeptides are chemicals produced by the brain that vary with our emotions. The results of this study point to the simple fact that your immune system is listening to your mental talk. How you think is how you feel. When someone tells you that you’re only as old as you feel, believe it.

You are the master of your immune system. There is no better cure for anything than a good attitude.

Below are the results of a study conducted on students, separated into two sections, negative and positive states.

Negative States

Bereavement Decreased lymphocyte proliferation.
Pessimistic states Decreased lymphocyte reactivity; decreased T-cell effectiveness.
Academic stress Decreased NK cell activity; decreased T-cells; decrease in certain immune chemicals; increased susceptibility to herpes virus; decreased immunoglobulin A; increased blood levels of Epstein-Barr virus.
Depression Decreased T-cells; decreased number and function of lymphocytes; decreased NK cells.
Loneliness Decreased NK (Natural Killer Cell) activity.
Chronic stress Decreased T-cells; decreased NK cells; decreased B-cells; increased blood levels of Epstein-Barr virus.
Divorce/separation/poor marital quality Decreased lymphocyte function; increased blood levels of Epstein-Barr virus; decreased T-cell effectiveness.
Expressed need for power and control Decreased NK activity; decreased lymphocytes.
Negative behavior during discussions of marital problems Decreased NK activity; decreased macrophages; increased blood levels of Epstein-Barr virus; increase in certain T-cells; decreased immunity by mitogen tests.

Positive States

Satisfying personal relationships and social support. Increased lymphocyte function; increased NK activity; increased immunity by mitogen tests; increased immune response to hepatitis B vaccine.
Personal sharing and disclosure of traumatic experiences Increased lymphocyte response.
Humor and laughter Increased Immunoglobulin A; increased lymphocyte count and activity.
Hypnosis and relaxation techniques. Increased T-cell effectiveness; increased NK cell activity; decreased blood levels of stress hormones; decreased blood levels of herpes virus.
Physical exertion and aerobic exercise Increased number of white blood cells; increase in endorphins; increase in certain immune chemicals; increased NK cell number and activity; increased T-cells; decreased T-cell effectiveness; decreased lymphocyte function.
Group intervention and support Increased NK cell number and activity; increased number of lymphocytes; decrease in T-helper cells.

(Reference: Kiecolt-Glaser, J.K., Garner, W., Speicher, C.E., Penn, G., and Vlaser, R. "Psychosocial Modifiers of Immunocompetence in Medical Students." Psychosomatic Medicine 46 (1984).)


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