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History has led us to NOW TIME where to survive the left and right brain must come into balance to suit our Earth's new consciousness. Our Practitioner training and Life Coaching programs provide a new manual to share the healing vibration and wisdom experienced through Nature, animals and the Holistequine horses. 

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Our model of healing and wellness coaching is based on the belief that the mind rules the body and the spirit rules the mind. A simple philosophy in that we believe all life is an expression of the same Divine energy and that finding the solutions to our problems is as simple as a willingness to change the old DNA model into a new Universal version.

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Coaching (on-line)

"All of life Coaching" on-line sessions offer a unique system that provide the tools to survive in a changing world. As we let go of our old tunnel view of the world and recognise the clues, potential and possibilities all around us we go from being victims OF life to co-creators WITH life. See our Holistequine website "ALL OF LIFE" coaching courses to purchase BUY NOW

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Next Event....2 Day Retreat April 9-10th 2022 ....Becoming the Divine Feminine: Time for Action.......Through the medium of Nature and horses our retreat provide the tranquil setting to hear the intuitive wisdom of Mother Nature. After 2 years of lockdown and forced inner reflection our inner voice is now ready to guide us through this year of 'balance' to discover our new potential within our new Self

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Our Services

Practitioner Training...Our Next E.A.L.C. (Online) traineeships will commence on 22-2-2022. These courses are for people with a keen interest in natural medicine, science, the quantum world of Metaphysics, frequency medicine and who share a deep love of nature and horses. It is perfect for those inquisitive minds who know there is something more ‘out there’ and want be part of the future in exploring it

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Path To Oneness

In realising that our "dark side" hides the light of our greatest potential we become ONE and open to the gifts of Universal Intelligence.This philosophy ties in with Einstein's Theory of "Quantum Entanglement"  (how we are all connected) and with new research in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology linking "connectivity" within the physical body

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